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Thanks for being the stepping stone for my weight loss and health goals. Mindy was fantastic! She’s very knowledgeable and helpful and was always there when I had a question. Thank you Mindy!

Taylor Jewell

Until now I have treated my body like a garbage disposal. And my health is suffering as a result. I had just about given up on ever being able to be healthy again. When I came into the Apopka location I was a defeated man. But Mindy and the rest of the crew are helping me to turn that around. I now see light at the end of the tunnel. I have now lost 30 lbs in 20 days I feel good and I have no food cravings. Burn fat Orlando Apopka has a great program follow it step by step as I am.

Michael in Orlando

I started out with 266.4 I was so upset I cried Mindy at the Apopka location to me she would help me, this was the best decision I every made and investment I made in a long time from 6/1 to 8/17 I have lost 38 pounds and 20 of them is fat yes fat I feel good look good never would I go back now that I know what it take to lose weight and kept it off. Thanks Mindy and your team

— Gloria Bash

I have been very happy with my experience at the Apopka Burn Fat Orlando branch! Any time I had a question or concern, Mindy was just a phone call away! The plan has been tailored to fit my needs and tastes and above all IT WORKS! I am well on my way to reaching my goal and am confident I will reach it! I highly recommend this program and the Apopka team!

Jeannie Pinkley

Mindy and the Staff are wonderful in the Apopka location. I knew for a long time my weight was out of control, but refused to get on a scale. When I finally did I realized I was 100lbs overweight. I am currently on Day 21, of losing phase and have lost 22.8lbs. It is a easy program to follow, individualized for everyone. My energy level and self-esteem are soaring. The best thing is I don’t feel hungry. I will stick with this until I have reached my goal. if you have tried everything without success, these are the people to see.

Michelle Lindsey

Mindy who and Cindy Lou, I was a skeptic. Not only did I lose weight, I feel great. No more yo-yo effect where I feel sick and sluggish. Plus, I placed 3rd in my age group in the mini triathlon I just completed! Staff is super friendly. I am a believer, thank you!

suzi carpenter

Having my son in August 2016, I was having a hard time losing weight and getting my body back to where I wanted on my own so I started looking for help. I was very skeptical about Burn Fat Orlando, Apopka at first mostly because of the cost. I did my research, compared this program to others and the reviews, results and even costs came out on top. This is a program that helps you lose and maintain which most just help you lose and then you wind up gaining back. I am now in Phase 3, but I am still losing! Of course it is a lot of hard work of your own but no program would work if you didn’t do the work for yourself. But I must say, if I didn’t have Mindy from Apopka in my corner, I may have given up! Mindy is so awesome. She is very down to earth and is always right there for you. I am sure I bugged her more than anyone but she always guided me thru my moments and brought me into the office if she thought I needed to come in! Thank you so much Mindy for helping me lose the weight that I needed/wanted to lose! I love our laughs during my visits and your words of encouragement! I am very happy with the results and will recommend any of my family and friends that want or need to lose weight to go see Mindy in Apopka!!

Tara Longo

I can’t thank Mindy and the team at the Apopka location enough. I made a commitment to get to a healthy weight in time for my wedding in June. After losing only six pounds in two months on my own, I decided to start the program. My results are unbelievable! To date, I’ve lost over 25 pounds with Burn Fat Orlando and I feel amazing! The best part is that I’ve gained so much knowledge and awareness about my body and nutrition, I feel very confident I now have the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend!

Meseydi Machado

I started Burn Fat Orlando 5 days ago and within that short amount of time, they helped me drop 10.6 pounds! There is no way I would’ve been able to do that on my own in that short amount of time. I’m amazed at how well the science of Burn Fat Orlando works. My skin has cleared and I feel full of energy! I have nothing but good things to say about Burn Fat Orlando, Apopka location. Thank you Mindy and the rest of the staff at the Apopka office for helping me reach my goal, I still have more work to do but I’m confident I’ll get there with the help of this program and awesome staff!

Chiana Jim

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